Open access peer-reviewed Journals

Check out these publication modes! Both websites offer open access to peer-reviewed articles you can submit via calls or as contributor.
  • Sensate Journal . A Journal for Experiments in Critical Media Practice. Sensate Journal calls itself a peer-reviewed, open-access, media-based journal for the creation, presentation, and critique of innovative projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Read a review on that here.
  • Internet Policy Review.  This Journal is a news and analysis service about internet regulation in Europe. The Internet Policy Review tracks public regulatory changes as well as private policy developments which are expected to have long lasting impacts on European societies. The idea is that the IPR offers resources and research that will add a layer of knowledge to current debates on internet policy. In a word, IPR’s expertise resides in its clear and independent analysis of inter-European digital policy changes. At present, we are looking for authors wanting to commit to a series of articles related to one particular internet policy issue, as well as guest contributors. We are looking for analysis articles which either draw on research or make links with recent research.

Don’t Let the Dream of Open Access Journals Die

Open access is necessary for true science outreach that can really push society intellectually forward. It will be easier for everyone to access the primary literature, and it will be more difficult to talk of conspiracy theories when the data is for all to see and evaluate. Of course, there will be debates, but these will now revolve around the quality and interpretation of the evidence with more in-depth analyses.

The Atlantic.

New SpringerOpen Journal: Health & Justice

Health & Justice will be open to submissions from public health, criminology and criminal justice, medical science, psychology and clinical sciences, sociology, neuroscience, biology, anthropology and the social sciences, and cover a broad array of research types. It will publish original research, research notes (promising issues that are smaller in scope), commentaries, and translational notes (possible ways of introducing innovations in the justice system).

Could we have a “journal” for micro-contributions?

Could we have a “journal” for micro-contributions?