Young Researchers in Digital Humanities: A Manifesto

The Humanities and Social Sciences are a vital component of human culture and offer an essential insight into the world in which we live. The Digital Humanities reflect the transition of the Humanities to the digital age. However, they do not only bring with them new technical means, but also new forms of knowledge creation and dissemination within, across and outside academic disciplines.

A new initiative: Open Library of Humanities (OLH)

“Welcome to the initial ideas hub for the Open LIbrary of Humanities (OLH): a project exploring a PLOS-style model for the humanities and social sciences. This site aims to give the background to and rationale for such a project along with an initial call for participants so that we can put a team together in Spring 2013. As a preliminary statement: we are not affiliated in any way with PLOS. This website will be used for the preliminary stages of developing the organisational structure of OLH, as we launch as a not-for-profit company, and in the run-up to launching the actual journal and database.”