The Netherlands: Publishing in Open Access increases usage and has no effect on book sales

 OAPEN-NL’s final report, published yesterday, gives recommendations for research funders, libraries, publishers and authors. (...) In total 50 academic books were published in Open Access with subsidy from NWO. (...) OAPEN-NL also gathered data of all 50 books to get an insight in the costs related to publishing academic books. Based on this research, publishing a monograph in the Netherlands costs an average of € 12,000. Roughly half of these costs are for the Open Access edition. Remaining costs regard printing and disseminating the paper version. These results are important for the funding of Open Access monographs in the Netherlands.

The opportunity cost of paywalled research

Mike Taylor on what potentials will be missed if science keeps being paywalled.

3sat, a TV channel of the three German speaking countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland, produced a documentary on scientific publishing. In German.

3sat nano-Mittschnitt vom 12.11.2012 zum Thema “Wissenschaftliche Publikationen” und wer verdient daran? — Oder wie “wissenschaftliche” Verlage Universitäten ausbluten. Und dies nicht im Dienste der Wissenschaft. — Auch hier zählen Renditen, die der Anleger, nicht die derer, die Forschung ermöglichen. Zum Beispiel die Öffentliche Hand.

The costs of Open Access

The costs of Open Access