Get Them Involved: Citizen Science @GOR Conference

Citizen science describes research activities (e.g., data collection) that are conducted by people who are not professional scientists. Thanks to the internet, citizen science has gained a new dimension: digital technologies offer possibilities to reach out to volunteer researchers, to pool together efforts and to make the results visible. Moreover, the collective power of the crowd provides scientists with data that they could not have collected on their own. Integrating citizens into research projects is apparently a valuable strategy for scientists. Motivating volunteers to invest time in citizen science projects appears challenging.

Young European Associated Researchers (YEAR) Conference

“Sharing is caring“! This is probably a good way to describe what Open Science really means: a new approach to science to share ideas, research results, research data, and publications with the rest of the world, through the newly available network technologies.

The YEAR Annual Conference is a two-day event for young researchers, which offers a platform for exchange and training focused on key aspects of EU projects. For the 2015 edition, co-funded by FOSTER, YEAR chooses to focus the conference on Open Science in Horizon 2020.

Edinburgh: Publishing Conference 2 – Live stream

See also this summary.
The publishing industry is now changing faster than ever before due to internet services, digital publishing, free blogging platforms and open access journals. How will this continue to evolve in the future? Will the erosion of traditional publishing methods continue and how will publishing companies adapt? What are the growing entrepreneurial opportunities in this dynamic industry? Join us for a day of publishing talks, discussion and networking.

Happy 9th Birthday to the Open Knowledge Foundation!

Registration is now open for the 5th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing | Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association

Conference re:publica 13 – Berlin, Germany.

Conference on open access and its use in libraries

See this workshop OA workflow to Extract, Transform, Map, and Publish dynamic metadata at Elag 2013.

Open Access Monographs in the Humanities and Social Sciences Conference

Date: 1 and 2 July 2013

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Implementing Finch

Implementing Finch