Track “Reasearch and Knowledge in a Digital Age” at the Early Stage Researcher Colloquium in Berlin

The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society invites entries for its ESRC 2015 in Berlin. Particularly interesting for the Open Science community is the track "Research And Knowledge in a Digital Age".
The Internet offers fundamentally new premises for how knowledge is created and disseminated. Research in particular is facing massive changes in the way it produces and conveys knowledge. Scientific blogs allow communicating at a faster pace, data sharing platforms enable collaboration at an intermediate stage in the research process, and new models of participation, as for example citizen science, allow volunteers to take part in the discovery process. In this stream we welcome entries from areas such as communication science, information science, economics, and science and technology studies that cover changes and emerging practices in scholarly communication, research collaboration and access to scholarly output. We also welcome entries from related fields that cover changes in knowledge creation and dissemination.